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Tigo Optimisers: The Future of Solar Efficiency

Tigo Optimisers offer innovative technology to enhance your solar system and take it up a notch!  At Reef Solar & Electrical, we’re excited to link Rockhampton & Gladstone’s residents with Tigo Optimisers for improved shade tolerance, and the highest of performance and safety standards.

About Tigo Optimisers

Tigo originated from the tech-savvy Silicon Valley and has gone on to become a leader in solar optimisation.  Their TS4 micro-optimisers are adaptable to different solar systems and extremely  efficient.

What is a Tigo Optimiser?

If you live in sunny Queensland, in Gladstone or Rockhampton, you have the natural advantage of solar aplenty.

A Tigo Optimiser is not just an accessory; it’s a critical component in helping you to capture as much of this as you possibly can.  These optimisers allow for each of the panels to work as best as they can for maximised energy production.

Reef Solar & Electrical specialises in Tigo Optimiser Gladstone, Rockhampton & surrounding areas.

Tigo Optimiser Gladstone 3
Tigo Optimiser Gladstone 2

Features and Benefits of the Tigo Optimisers

  • Selective Deployment – with the ability to be positioned strategically to minimise shading issues.
  • Enhanced Shade Tolerance – partial shading is a problem easily overcome, maximizing energy output.
  • Module Level Monitoring – to pick up on issues quickly and maintain performance and efficiency.
  • Rapid Shutdown Compliance – so you don’t need to worry about security and safety.
  • Increased Energy Yield – Tigo Optimisers are designed to get every bit of energy possible from your solar panels, minimising wastage and ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Cloud Connect Advanced – oversee the performance of your system with this powerful data-logger, integrating seamlessly with Tigo optimisers.
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Tigo Optimisers: The Models

TS4-M Optimiser

The ideal choice for systems without shading issues.  The focus here is on continuous, module-level monitoring with PV-2.0 data synchronisation, modular bar-code tracking, and warranty tracking.

TS4-S Safety Optimiser

For clear areas.  It includes all TS4-M features plus NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliance and over-temperature protection, adding an extra layer of safety and enhanced monitoring.

TS4-O Optimisation

The go-to for roofs with shading concerns, it combines the benefits of TS4-M and TS4-S.  Offers shade tolerance, maximised energy yield, and greater design flexibility.

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Our Service Area

We proudly serve a wide area, from Gladstone to Rockhampton, across to Yeppoon, down to Agnes Water, and everywhere in-between.  Whether you’re in the heart of Rockhampton or nestled next to the ocean in Tannum Sands, Reef Solar & Electrical is your trusted Tigo partner.

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