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Solar Panel Cleaning

Reef Solar & Electrical is a leading provider Solar Panel Cleaning throughout Gladstone , Rockhampton across to Yeppoon, down to Agnus Water and everywhere in between!

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Solar Panel Cleaning Rockhampton & Gladstone

At REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL we provide prompt and efficient solar panel cleaning services for residential and commercial customers from Gladstone to Rockhampton, across to Yeppoon and down to Agnus Water.  We cover the whole area and provide the highest level of service.

If you have invested in a solar panel installation, you should understand the importance of keeping the system clean.

Like anything, if it sits out in the weather over time, dust, dirt, debris, and even bird droppings will accumulate.  This level of gunk on the surface of your solar panels will hinder their electricity generation and negatively affect there efficiently.  A build-up of dirt (and especially bird dropping) can sometimes cause hotspots in the panel, ultimately causing long-term damage.  Like a dirty car,  water alone can’t fully clean it.  Panels must be wiped clean to get rid of the built-up grime.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Gladstone & Rockhampton
Before and After Solar Panel Cleaning in Central Queensland

Is solar panel cleaning worth it?

The costs or a solar clean is usually between $200 to $300, depending on the size of the system.

This might sound steep – but considering the cost of the system, the investment in a professional solar panel cleaning is minimal and has many advantages that outweigh the cost.  Ensuring the safety and efficiency of the panels, a clean ensures you give the system the best possible chance to last well after the 25-year warranties provided by most panel manufacturers.

Here are some advantages of having your solar panels cleaned:

  • Electrical safety
  • Better solar panel efficiency
  • Optimised solar energy production
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Extended lifespan of the solar system
  • Identification of faults before they lead to damage

The Reef Solar Advantage

Trading in Gladstone since 2011

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How often should I get my solar panels cleaned?

At a minimum, we recommend you have your solar panels cleaned every two years, and while doing so, have your system serviced to detect any potential safety issues.  However, if your panels are prone to higher-than-average levels of grime, an annual cleaning may be the way to go.  Realistically, you can visually see if your panels are dirty.  But some forms of dirt, such as pollution, are not so easy to spot.  The most efficient way to assess the need for cleaning is by using your solar system monitoring to identify any drop in electricity generation.

The frequency of cleaning depends on environmental factors, such as how likely your roof is to gather dust, leaf letter and bird droppings, or whether you are living in a new development with lots of dust being stirred up.   In Gladstone, pollution from factories is a consideration, as well as exposure to sea salt as part of living in a coastal area.  Our local community may need to consider more frequent cleaning.

We recommend August or September to ensure your system is at its peak performance as the best months for solar generation are starting.

How often should I get solar panels cleaned in QLD?
Solar Maintenance while performing Solar Panel Cleaning in Gladstone QLD

We can also help with Service and Maintenance

At REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL we offer more than just solar installation services  in Gladstone and Rockhampton, but a comprehensive solar panel cleaning service, aimed at ensuring your solar panels are kept in prime condition and perform as well as possible. We also offer service and maintenance packages called ‘Solar Health Checks’.  We recommend cleaning and servicing at the same time.

With REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL, you can trust that your solar panels will operate at their best for many years to come.

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