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Solar Battery Storage

Reef Solar & Electrical is a leading provider Solar Battery Storage Installations throughout Gladstone , Rockhampton across to Yeppoon, down to Agnus Water and everywhere in between!

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Solar Battery Storage Rockhampton & Gladstone

If you already have solar, adding a battery to cover your average daily usage is a great way to remove the last of your power bill and reduce the reliance on grid power for your home.

Are you still paying more than $100 on your energy bills?

A battery retrofit is possible to eliminate the last of your power bills. Being off grid while on grid is possible!

Solar Battery Storage Rockhampton & Gladstone
Home & Business Solar Battery System for Gladstone & Rockhampton

Why is a solar battery a smart choice for your property?

Store and Save

The whole point of Solar in Gladstone & Rockhampton is to consume the solar energy you generate.  If you are not home during the day this becomes quite difficult. That’s where a solar battery can benefit you.  Rather than generating a heap of electricity during the day that you cannot use, you can funnel it back to the battery and later consume your saved energy from the day when the sun goes down.

Blackout Protection

Owning a battery provides security when the grid goes down.  It’s important to understand most batteries won’t back up an entire home, but they will back up roughly two circuits.  These two circuits power your critical appliances. For example, most people choose to back up lights, fridge, freeze, TV, internet, and the security system.

The Reef Solar Advantage

Trading in Gladstone since 2011

13 Years of Solar Experience

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

We are partnered with reliable brands to provide the confidence and quality you rightfully deserve.

Buying a quality home solar battery means you are protected. REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL is the industry leader for solar batteries in the Gladstone region. We have your back with our outstanding workmanship, aftersales support, and product warranties.

We chose our solar battery partners with two things in mind.

  1. Quality
  2. Aftersales support.

Tesla Powerwall, Sungrow and BYD are the three brands we recommend – meticulously selected and world leaders in battery technology.

Tesla Solar Battery System Gladstone Rockhampton
Battery System Rockhampton Gladstone Reef Solar Finance

Solar Battery Financing Options are Available

Speak with our friendly staff to explore the range of finance options available and experience a hassle-free and easy approval process.

All Your Common Solar Home Battery Questions Answered

It is worth getting a solar battery for many reasons but the main two are it will reduce your electricity bills further than solar and provide a backup source of energy.

And who doesn’t want to be able to use their own stored excess solar during peak times or power outages, and to be free from relying on the grid?!

Our team can absolutely do an install and tailor the battery system configuration to meet your needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to solar batteries.  Luckily REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL can do the hard work for you and assess what would be the best fit for your energy usage and solar system.

Yes.  Different climates will impact the lifespan of a battery, however they usually last 10-15 years.  Our team will ensure your battery system is suited to your local climate.

REEEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL can take care of solar health checks for your system, we have annual health check plans available so they remain in tip top shape!

Unfortunately not at this stage, however REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL are knowledgeable about the different government incentives and rebates available and we can assist you when applying for any you are eligible for.

REEF SOLAR & ELECTRICAL can help guide you to the perfect battery system, taking into consideration your energy usage, business space and budget.

You sure can!  Monitoring platform built into the solar battery system allows you to oversee how it is performing.

Yes, and that’s part of the benefits of a battery!  You get to use your own excess energy without relying on the grid.

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