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20kW Solar System

Reef Solar & Electrical is a proud to offer 20kW Solar Systems throughout Gladstone , Rockhampton across to Yeppoon, down to Agnus Water and everywhere in between!

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20kW Solar System Packages Rockhampton & Gladstone

A 20kW solar system is ideal for large three phase homes and businesses like offices and warehouses in Gladstone and Rockhampton. It provides substantial energy independence for homeowners and is excellent for those planning to add battery storage or electric vehicle chargers in the future. This size is perfect for large families or businesses looking to drastically cut down on their electricity bills. Everything depends on your own independent usage habits, but a 20kW system typically generates ample power for all daily operations, including heavy-duty appliances and extensive heating and cooling systems. The average annual energy output is approximately 72-84 kWh per day.

Solar Cost Calculator

How Much Will Your 20kW Solar System Cost?

440w solar panels for a 20kW solar system

Solar Panels for a 20kW System

46 x 440w Solar Panels = 20,240w of Total Solar Panel Output
Top Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers
We collaborate with reliable Solar Brands; contact us for options.
Cutting-edge N-Type Solar Modules
Local support available in Gladstone and Rockhampton
Product Warranties range from 25 to 40 years

15kW Solar Inverter

15KW three phase inverter with Wi-Fi monitoring
Real-time energy usage monitoring with optional Consumption Meter
Minimum 10-Year Replacement Warranty
Local service and support in Gladstone and Rockhampton
Discuss available inverter brands on offer with our team
15kw Inverter for a 20kw Solar System
20kw Solar System Panel Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit

Suitable for Tin, Tile, Cliplock, and Tilt frame roofs
Fully corrosion-resistant and anodized perfect for Central Queensland
Lightweight and straightforward installation

20kW Solar System Installation

Highly skilled and experienced in solar installations
Fast turnaround times for installs
No subcontractors, local people serving the local community
No subcontractors, local people serving the local community
20kw Solar System Installation in Gladstone and Rockhampton

The Reef Solar Advantage

Trading in Gladstone since 2011

13 Years of Solar Experience

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

Frequently Asked 20kW Solar System Questions

A 20kW solar system typically requires about 120-140 square meters of roof space, depending on the orientation of your roof.

The average daily energy output of solar systems in Gladstone and Rockhampton for a 20kW solar system averages around 72-84 kWh, the main factors is the panel orientation. Having panels north will give a higher output but not necessarily convert into savings.

Annually, Depending on various factors, a 20kW solar system can generate between 26,280 to 30,660 kWh, and by factors we mean the amount of sunlight received, the efficiency of the panels and again the panel orientation.

Typically, a 15kW three phase inverter is installed for a 20kW system.

Yes, it can power large family homes or small businesses, like office spaces or warehouses.

Expect to save up to 70-80%, depending on your usage habits and how well you self-consume.

Our experienced team will complete the installation in 2 days.

Absolutely! in fact, most 20kW installations we do for customers are often paired with a battery.

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